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Policy Debate Forms

Click on the links below to print off useful forms for our debate classes and round robins.


Flowing Instruction Video (courtesy Logos Forensics Association)

Classical Conversations Needs Analysis Team Policy Debate with Stock Issues (closest to our style flow practice)

NCFCA Policy Debate Round (flow practice) 

Team Policy Debate NITOC 2018 (flow practice , not exact to our style)

Team Policy Flow Forms
Legal Size Flowing Chart with prompts (Legal size, gives prompts to help flow each speech, best for new debaters and new judges who want to flow each speaker, team policy)

Legal Size Flowing Chart without prompts (Legal size, with simple speaker divisions, best for experienced debaters and judges who desire to see each speech but need little guidance, team policy)

Letter Size Flow Chart with Prompts, best for new debaters and judges who like to flow each speech but need more room to write. Provides speech times as well. (team policy)

Side by Side Flowing Chart (flows Affirmative vs. Negative arguments, best for judges who like to judge by argument side rather than flowing each speaker, uses regular size paper.


SOLO Format Flow Forms

Solo one page, landscape, regular paper

Solo two page, landscape, regular paper

Round Forms

Team Debate Timer Sheet (for timers) and Team Debate Timer Instruction Sheet

Team Debate Judge Ballot  and Debate Judge Orientation

Solo Debate Judge Ballot

Solo Round Timer Sheet

Class Forms

Notebook Assessment Sheet (guide sheet for the graded debate notebook for years with 2 man teams)

Notebook Assessment Sheet (guide sheet for the graded debate notebook for solo team years)

Pin Application Sheet (for students who would like to apply for a debate award pin)


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