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Apologetics Resources

Student Class Materials Provided. Reading Recommended.

Preparing for Apologetics won't be easy, but it will be worthwhile.

Apologetics should not be a course that you merely read a textbook, fill in the blanks, and take the quiz. 


It will take time to study what God says about the issue, express it in a way that makes sense to you, then practice your response in a graceful and logical manner preparing for those that express interest.

We strongly suggest a good personal library that will help students develop their own unique Apologetics approach.


To aid this, we offer the suggestions below (numerous materials have downloadable or viewable links).


The Art of Apologetics: An Introductory Study in Christian Thinking and Speaking by Karen Kovaka, published by Communicators Advantage Project, 2006. (This book is available retail for $21.95 but is also often found used on for around $5.)

We no longer require this textbook as we feel the concepts are better covered through our class lectures and homework materials; however, this textbook does offer an overview of apologetics at the high school level in a typical textbook fashion (chapter with questions at end). We can offer a reading schedule for those students who like a textbook format or who need a textbook linked to the course for institutional credit.


The Art of Apologetics uses as reference the following:
The God Who Is There, by Francis Schaefer
Know Why You Believe by Paul Little 
(These titles are excellent resources in their own right. They are used as supplements in the Kovaka text above.)

Research Aids
The Christian Apologetics Search Engine (CASE) Type it in, find it within a large database of Christian apologetics. Brought to you by the kind people at The Christian Apologetics Alliance. (See the CAA website for more articles and apologetics aids including a Facebook community). 


Apologetics 315 website is an apologetics library of articles, videos, podcasts, debates, book reviews, reading lists, and more.  

Apologetics Recommended Readings

A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics by James W. Sire, short booklet.

What is Apologetics, by Doug Powell, online Youtube video (excellent overview of Apologetics, its meaning, purpose and use).

Evidence That Demands a Verdict, by Josh and Sean McDowell, 2017 updated version (hardcover and kindle). A foundational work of apologetics to key questions facing Christians.

Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics, by Doug Powell, book. (Excellent resource for questions and methods to answer common topics, Kindle version).


One Minute Apologist website (short online videos many topics addressed).

Mere Christianity, by C. S. Lewis, book. (Classic apologist defends Christianity).


Prager University supplies over a hundred easy to understand yet pithy free to watch online videos on many topics including religion and philosophy (check their religion for non-believers playlist). All videos are top quality and presented by top speakers in their field.


Rhetorical Devices: A Handbook and Activities for Student Writers, by Brendan McGuigan, book. (A handbook of 33 common rhetorical devices with examples to spice up your rhetorical writing as well as help prevent their misuse and abuse, examples metaphor, parrallelism, etc. Good for learning basic rhetoric devices.)

The Bible Project provides short free online videos that offer analysis of books of the Bible (many represented with new uploaded each week). Created by Multnomah University alumni who desired to bring the heart of each book to light in an understandable and thought provoking manner. These videos are a great way to capture the thematic overview of the Bible.


Understanding Faith: A Survey of Christian Apologetics (Summit Ministries). Kindle edition. 512 pages. Excellent overview of faith and apologetics. Kindle has a very nice format at a fraction of the price of the printed copy (approximately $40).

"Who Made God?" and Anwsers to Over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith by Ravi Zacharias and Norman Geisler, book.(Very basic responses, more conclusions than arguments, a starting place for learning about common issues.)

When Skeptics Ask: A Handbook on Christian Evidences by Norman Geisler, book. (More detailed responses with additional reading suggestions for in depth follow up on topics.)

Defense of Common Topics


Challenges to Christ and the Gospels
The Case for Christ, by Lee Stroebel, book, online video presentation of book concepts. (Search You Tube for other Lee Stroebel presentations for Creation and other topics especially Case for a Creator and Case for Faith.)

Cold Case Christianity, A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels, by Daivd Wallace, book, kindle, and audible. (Excellent example of the method of analysis and application of evidence). Video presentation of the extended series by Wallace on youtube


Challenges to the Bible
Is the Bible Accurate, presentation by Josh McDowell, online Youtube video. (Good example of the method and principles of Apologetics by a pioneer in Biblical Apologetics).

Where Did the Old Testament Come From? by Doug Powell, youtube video

Part 1 and Part 2

Where Did the New Testament Come From? by Doug Powell, youtube video

Why is the Bible Reliable? video of Tim Keller at Veritas Forum

Challenges to God and Creation

Answers in Genesis website provides a data base for articles, books, and videos on divine creation and science and in particular a Darwinian Evolution series

Arguments for the Existence of God, video presentation by Sean McDowell (also explains why apologetics is so important in its introduction)

Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, by Philip E. Johnson, book. (Excellent example of the method of analysis and application of evidence).

Information Enigma, video presentation by Discovery Science News.

Intelligent Design movement, video One Minute Apologist with Bill Dembski.  

Intelligent Design movement website filled with articles about how the universe is intricately designed.

Is Genesis History, website with videos from the Is Genesis History project by Del Tackett

Is God Just a Human Invention? and 17 other questions raised by new athiests. by Sean McDowell (hardcover and kindle)

Michael Behe and the Miracle of Molecular Machines video

Objections to Christianity series with Alex MacFarland, One Minute Apologist (8 short videos in series).

Old earth creation view with Fazale Rana vs. young earth creation view with Ken Ham.

The Privileged Planet, video uploaded to youtube.

Signature in the Cell, DNA and Evidence for Intelligence Design, by Dr. Steven Meyer, lecture availble online Youtube video (intelligent design evidence at the cellular level). Founder of the Discovery Institute.

Stand For Reason website is filled with articles providing apologetics and answers to faith questions.


The God Who Is There, by Francis Schaeffer (updated introduction from John W. Sire) hardcover, audible versions.

Logic Resources

Thinking Toolbox, by the Bluedorns, book (fun but essential  read for basic evidence, science method, and thinking)

Fallacy Detective, by the Bluedorns, book (fun but essential read for logic fallacies).

Worldview Resources

God's Way or My Way, by Frank Peretti, Focus on the Family, online You Tube audio (this is a super condensed nutshell of worldview in a very easy to understand format, a must to listen to)

Good Ideas from Questionable Christians and Outright Pagans, an Introduction to Key Thinkers and Philosophers, by Steve Wilkens, book.

How Should We Then Live, by Francis Schaeffer, book.

Postmodernism (Evangelism to a Postmodern World) by Tim Keller, online Youtube video. 

Truth Project, Focus on the Family especially useful worldview video series (an essential resource to understand worldviews...some church libraries have this, also some episodes may be on You Tube, albeit likely in error, use search feature on You Tube.)

True U, Focus on the Family, another especially useful worldview video series for high school students (another essential resource in understanding worldviews...some church libraries have this, also search on You Tube as some videos have been uploaded there, albeit likely in error, use search feature in You Tube, in particular True U Lesson # or look for Dr. Steven Meyer True U).

Understanding the Times, by David A. Noebel, 2nd Edition, book (especially Ethics, Theology, Biology, Sociology, Pyschology, and Philosophy sections which are contrasted through the major worldviews).

The Universe Next Door, by James W. Sire, book, a catalog guide to worldviews.

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