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Speech & Apologetics

Speech and Apologetics is our high school spring semester class.

This Tuesday weekly class is held February to June at our Beaverton location.

Please see our Speech and Apologetics Class Registration page for registration information and current class schedule.


The first quarter of the Speech & Apologetics semester is used to learn and practice the different platform speech types, develop thinking skills, and study comparative worldviews.


Students will also explore their personal faith position and research responses to common challenges presented to the Christian faith.


The second quarter of the semester provides competitive rounds for students to present timed platform speeches and apologetics responses before judges.


All students are rotated evenly through all speech types and apologetics during the competitive rounds.

Sppech & Apologetics together generally generate 1 full credit in high school communications. The Apologetics portion can generate additional high school credits in worldview and logic with additional reading. (See Mrs. Arp for more information.)

To maintain competition rounds, some parents and siblings (over 10 years) are needed as judges and timers. (We train!)


See our Speech-Apolo Forms page for judge and timer sheets.

Please see the Speech Types page and the Apologetics pages for more information about these types. 

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