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The Platform Speech Types
(High School Level)

A rehearsed, fact-based speech of student topic choice (must be approved by instructor).

Must use demonstration materials, costumes, props, visual aids, or power point.

Please see the Info/Expo Rules Sheet.

A non-rehearsed speech given in response to a drawn prompt. Please see the Impromptu Rules Sheet.



A rehearsed speech which provides a position with supports on a topic.  Persuasive Speech Instruction Sheet.


Platform Speech Materials Required
None. All student materials are provided by teacher. If a textbook is needed for transcript credit, please use "Beginning Public Speaking" by Teresa Moon. Mrs. Arp can provide a reading schedule that follows our course.

Class Information

Platform speeches are simply different types of public speaking given from a podium and are taught in our Spring term when there is interest.

The first quarter of the semester analyzes the different speech types with students writing for each speech type and giving practice presentations in class.

The second quarter of the semester provides competitive rounds for students to present timed, polished speeches before judges.
All students are evenly rotated through all speech types and apologetics during the competitive rounds.


While competition can be fun and build good communication skills under pressure, our club focus remains on encouraging each student to do their own individual best. Our club members are here to support each other as we learn communication skills.

Class Focus

We also focus on real world application rather than gaming techniques. Good communication is much more than oral polish. It also encompasses integrity and genuine sincerity. Therefore a number of Toastmaster methods are used rather than the gaming techniques found in some leagues.

To express interest in Platform Speech or for more information please   

Our high school class Platform (or podium) Speech Types Include:

Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation
A rehearsed and entertaining presentation of a student-chosen excerpt from published,  literary material (must be approved by instructor). Excerpt may be drawn from prose, poetry, a play, or a famous speech. Please see the H&D Interp Rules Sheet.

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