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Policy Debate Materials

If you are interested in our Policy Debate class and/or to receive a registration form.

Required Policy Debate Materials
The student packets, given out each week from the teacher, are the only required reading material.* 

These student hand outs will cover all essential debate theory, and students could glean a minimum

extra-curricular club experience with just those. However, the student hand outs do refer to concepts

covered in recommended reading.

WiFi enabled electronic device, such as laptop or tablet or smart phone, is strongly recommended as we will use class time to do case research as it helps students learn how to research effectively, saving them valuable hours at home.


*NOTE: For those students who need a textbook attached to the course to receive institutional credit, please use the Introduction to Argumentation and Debate, by Christy Shipe, 4th Ed. (I have some to loan out) -or- purchase Introduction to Policy Debate, by Christy Shipe, 5th Ed. 

Highly Recommended Reading...the basic foundation, or core books, for understanding key concepts:

Government 101, by Laura Petrisin (very quick primer on the federal government system, use if you have not taken any government before debate class or government was long ago and you've forgotten how it works.)


Free Enterprise Economics in America, by Tom Rose (very quick primer on capital system from a Christian perspective)


Fallacy Detective (logic supplement)  by the Bluedorns (excellent logic book, quick and fun read)

Thinking Toolbox (logic supplement)  by the Bluedorns (excellent logic book, quick and fun read)

Want to get more out of debate for other high school subjects?

Please also see our Extension Units & Reading page which is offered for those families who would like to get more out of their debate experience and even earn additional high school credits from extended units in logic, worldview, government, and economics.

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