Club Calendar


May 01

Registration officially begins for Policy Debate 2019-2020. All registrations should be in by August 15th. 

August 21

Syllabus and first Student work packet sent to those who are registered and paid.

September 7

First day of Policy Debate class.

November 30

Policy Debate Competitive Rounds begin. Parents judges and sibling timers may be needed from this point forward.

(6 weeks of rounds)

December 1

Registration begins for Speech & Apologetics 2021. Contact the club if you are interested in our Beginning Public Speaking short course for ages 12 and above (we will have to schedule that course as time is available).

December 28 through January 1st

Christmas break.


January 4

Policy Debate Competitive Rounds resume. Parent judges and sibling timers needed. 

January 25

Policy Debate Final Rounds and Awards. Parent judges and sibling timers needed.

Interested families are welcome to attend.

February 8

First day of Speech & Apologetics 2020 (if class interest) otherwise first day of Beginning Public Speaking short course (if class interest).