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Public Speaking Courses

Our Beginning Public Speaking Course is offered spring term when there is interest for an introductory course for students ages 11 and above (generally 6th through 9th grade, though older students who need a light introduction are welcome too). The Beginning course gently introduces basic speech types and promotes general public speaking confidence. All speeches are performed to the class. 

Our Platform Speech high school course is offered spring term when there is interest (typically alternated with Beginning Public Speaking). It is aimed towards 8th grade and above. It is a more in depth focus on platform speaking skills that includes competitive rounds. For more information see The Platform Speeches.

These courses cover (at different depth levels):

Reading Recitation (with script choice, voice, tone, speed, and clarity)

Interpretive Speech (Humorous or Dramatic...Platform Speech only)

Informative Speech with Visual Aids

Persuasive Speech

Impromptu (with challenge rounds in Beginning Public Speaking)

All students are given ample instruction and encouragement to help them develop each speech type in either course. Our courses are available for any homeschooled student willing to travel to our club location and uphold its rules and ethics.

All speech theory and presentations are completed during our weekly, 1 1/2 hour class time.

Classes are held Tuesdays at our club location at Southwest Hills Baptist Church in Beaverton or on Zoom (if weather or other class interruption). 


Dates and Time will be determined as interest allows. Typically our speech courses are offered spring term for 12 weeks (Beginning course) to 15 weeks (Platform course), generally beginning in early February (Platform) or early March (Beginning).

These courses may be limited to 8 students. Current course fee is $150 for Beginning Public Speaking and $175 for Platform Speeches per student. (Prices may vary year to year.)

Our Platform Speech course is 1/2 communications credit for high school. Beginning Public Speaking is generally participation only but may be taken for credit by older students if requested at registration. (Older high school students, for credit, will work to a higher level in the class than younger students).

Please contact us to express interest in forming this class or the availability of the next upcoming one to register for.

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