We are taking interest for fall 2022 and spring 2023 classes.

Please contact us if you are interested in Policy Debate or Beginning Public Speaking or Apologetics for next year.

Class will be 12:15 to 2:15pm Tuesdays. Cost is $150 to $175 per student depending upon class. Please see class descriptions below.


Team Policy Debate

Fall Term High School Class

Speech & Apologetics

Spring Term High School Class

Beginning Public Speaking

Intro Workshop, Offered If Interest

Teaching practical skills for the benefit of all generations.

Our students learn more than theory and do more than have fun in friendly competition. 

Taught by a former Paralegal and experienced debate and speech coach, our club emphasizes practical application of real world issues to help students become better thinking and communicating adults and citizens.

Therefore, we investigate the surrounding issues that relate to government, economics, law, politics, current events, worldview, business, and much more.

Providing a format that is achievable for busy homeschooling families. 


All theory lessons and all competition occurs within club time at our club location.

No long-distance travel required. No all weekend or multiple day tournament events.


Our Club meets Tuesdays during the school year at the Southwest Hills Baptist Church in Beaverton. (Please do not contact the church for class info. See registration pages for current time.)

Offering classes that cover a broad spectrum of communication skills.  Each year. Every year.

With changing competitive topics, student skills can continue to develop every year with each class taken. 

Each year is a "new" year as students master their skills using different themes and topics.

Providing high school credits and student incentives.

We provide valuable credits for the high school transcript and offer placement awards and incentive pins to earn as skill levels are achieved.


A certificate of completion is provided with credit assessment help (as assessed by Basic Skills). Policy Debate and/or Competitive Speech & Apologetics look great on the high school transcript and as reference for college applications.