Speech & Apologetics Registration

We are adding names to our interest list now for an Apologetics class in summer 2021,

either on campus in Beaverton or on Zoom, depending on Covid19 conditions.

We are now offering 2021 Public Speaking Short Course . This class will begin February 16 and end April 27. We can only offer the beginning course as our club time allows, so your early interest helps us set time aside.

Depending on format, club classes are held on Tuesdays at our Beaverton location (SWHB Church, 9100 SW 135th Avenue, Beaverton) or on Zoom. Course registration will contain final course time and schedule. (generally early afternoon, around 12:15 or 12:30pm start, lasting for 2 hours).  

Please                             if you would like to be put on an interest list for our classes or receive a

registration form.